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Winston-Salem, NC Auction Results (2003)

February 8, 2003

The February 8th auction was a strange one indeed. Lots of high prices, and lots of odd price discrepancies--nice, dedicated machines going for the same price (or less than) beat up games and conversions of the same type. Lots of high prices for non-working merchandise too.

There was a huge classic game selection on hand, including 2 Spy Hunters, 3 Asteroids, 3 Dig Dugs, 4 Centipedes, 10 Galagas, and a whopping 23 Ms. Pac-Mans (including conversions). There were also a number of rarer classics including Carnival, Baby Pac-Man, Budweiser Tapper, Mr. Do, and Lady Bug. Most of the Williams classics were represented, too: Defender, Stargate, Moon Patrol (2) and Joust were all there.


One other thing of interest was a huge lot of classic board sets. Most sold from $70-$90 each untested. A bit much in my opinion, even if you're talking Missile Command, Centipede, and Ms. Pac-Man (among others).

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April 5, 2003

The April 5th auction was smaller than the February auction, but there were a number of interesting items, including some games that you hardly ever see (when's the last time anybody saw Satan's Hollow at an auction...much less two at the same auction?) A lot of familiar games this time--a lot of them looked like ones that were present back in February.


I opted to get home before dark this time around, so I only stayed long enough for my friend and I to buy a game each. We left after only the first row and the back wall were completed. There were a lot of gems scattered throughout the other rows (including a beautiful Donkey Kong, a couple of Gyruss-es and a Time Pilot) and I regret missing them. But the trailer was full and it was nice to have the evening free. I managed to compile a pretty decent list of some of the classics that went before 3 PM or so.

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June 7, 2003

The June 7th auction was a pretty sizable one with a huge number of classic games on hand. I managed to record all the classics that sold before 3:00 PM or so, but I missed a lot of nice pieces that went later, including: a nice Bud Tapper, Hyper Sports, 3 Spy Hunters, a Missile Command, and a lot more that I can't even remember.


In the bunch that I did get, there were a huge number of Ms. Pac-Man and Galaga machines (both original and bootleg). There were also a couple of uncommon pieces, like Food Fight. That was the only machine I bid on all day, and (sadly) I lost. Didn't feel like spending another $500+ on a game at this point.


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