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Winston-Salem, NC Auction Results (2008)

January 26, 2008

Until I looked at my site for this update, I didn't realize that this was the first auction I had attended in a year. Either the thrill is waning, or I simply don't have room for any more games. Either way, this one wasn't anything to write home about. I was happy to see some classics in the first row this time around. If they hadn't been there, I probably wouldn't have any results to post--I left after an hour or so. There were some decent games--a really nice Tempest was the one that stood out. There were a decent number of pins, including a Simpsons Pinball Party that was in decent shape, and a pretty nice Captain Fantastic--but I didn't see the results for those.

Video Game Prices

April 5, 2008

Strangely enough, although they generally only have an auction every three months or so in a single location, Auction Game Sales had its second auction in as many months on April 5, 2008. This was a pretty sizable auction--not huge, but respectably big. There weren't many classics, but there were a few gems. (I'd really like to find out what the beautiful TRON that was tucked away in the second row went for.)


As was true in January, there were some good things in the first row--including a number of pinballs this time around! I only stayed for the first row. (I picked up my Family Guy pinball this week, so I wasn't really going to buy anything...unless it was something I just couldn't pass up, of course.) There were some good deals on the classic vids. None of the pins I stayed for were all that exciting for me...but they nearly all went for under $1000. Even the Multicades were going cheap in some cases. Guess the economy isn't as cheery as some would have us believe... 


Video Game Prices

Pinball Prices

June 7, 2008

This was a particularly small auction--the bidding was done by a little after 4 PM. I actually stayed to the end this time, which is pretty unusual for me these days. The fact that there weren't a lot of items there has something to do with it, certainly--but this time I went with three friends who were on a mission to buy (even though I wasn't). And, as is typical of the auction, it took forever for people to pay. Two of my friends bought games, and the second of the two was in the third-to-last row auctioned. Even so, the bidding was over for the day by the time he was able to pay for his game.


Not a lot of classics this time around, and a strange scarcity of multi-games (although my friend did get a pretty nice one in a Dynamo cabinet for a good price). The trend of deals continued, with the prices at rock-bottom on pretty much everything (pins excepted). The classic video games were going cheap, but the biggest surprises were the big sit-down cabinets. The most fascinating (to me) was a Prop Cycle--working, with a 52" monitor--that went for $10!

I got pretty much everything that falls within the "classic" category, and all of the pinballs except for one (I was momentarily distracted). The only video games I missed were a few cocktails (Ms. Pac-Man, Gaplus (first cocktail version I remember seeing), Donkey Kong, and a couple of others) that were auctioned off before we arrived. 


Video Game Prices

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