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Winston-Salem, NC Auction Results (2009)

June 6, 2009

This auction was the typical June auction size-wise, with a relatively small number of items--but, boy...were there some classic gems in there. On the first row alone, there was a really nice Tapper (Bud version), an upright Red Baron that looked almost new from the front (some usual wear around the edges on the sides), a nice Space Invaders, and two really nice Asteroids, both of which went for under $250! Not much in the way of pinball machines this time, especially in the high-dollar range, but I did get to play a virtual pinball machine for the first time (Sponge Bob). It kinda sucked. Prices were all over the board, but tended toward what I'd consider the bargain range on most pieces. ($225 was the going rate for Ms. Pac-Man this time around. Remember when those things were $800-$1200?) 


Despite the small size of the auction, they didn't get to the first row of pins until around 3:30 and I was getting tired so I didn't stay for the whole thing.

Video Game Prices

Pinball Prices

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