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Winston-Salem, NC Auction Results (2013)

June 8, 2013

This was a quickie compared to some of the auctions in the past. We stayed to the very end--about 4 PM! Just not a ton of stuff this time, especially when it comes to pinball machines. 


I went to this auction prepared to come home with a twin Daytona USA...and maybe a pinball machine. Instead, I came home empty-handed. There were no Daytona USA twins at this auction--which is kind of a rarity. The pinball selection was pretty sparse, and the stuff I was interested in--particularly Star Trek: The Next Generation--has risen in price to the point where It's unlikely I'll ever own them.


There were some good games scattered around. There was a non-working TRON in a really nice cabinet; two working Missile Commands (one upright, one cocktail); a nice Burgertime (dedicated); a dedicated Frogger; and a dedicated Ladybug. There was also one of the nicest, most well-preserved 70s video games I've ever seen--a 1976 Midway Tornado Baseball that played perfectly and was so clean that it looked like it had never been touched. Oh--and there was a conversion the likes of which I've never seen--a Streetfighter II in a dedicated Punch-Out cabinet--with both monitors displaying the game at the same time. Crazy stuff. 


Video Game Prices

Pinball Prices

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