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Carrom Super Stick Hockey

Since I have an arcade and an obsession with hockey, it only makes sense that I would want to add a stick hockey game at some point. Unfortunately, the most popular arcade stick hockey games--the coin-op tables by Chexx--are crazy expensive. 

Carrom stick hockey games are far less expensive--around $600 new as opposed to $2000-3000 for the Chexx tables--but that's still too much for my blood. Then, I ran across one on Craigslist in April, 2012. The owner was asking $100. I talked him down to $80 because the score display wasn't working.

That turned out to be an easy fix--I just needed to replace the battery holder. After that, the only thing that needed fixing was the horrendous paint job. A little primer, a little black paint, and some Carolina Hurricanes logo stickers and the game was good to go. It  remains in the arcade to this day.

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