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Addams Family: A Few Tasteful Mods

Lots of people love pinball mods--custom modifications, usually ornamental in nature, that are added to (ostensibly) enhance the machine. They run the gamut from "pretty cool" to "kind of fun" to "eww!" But, you each their own. Or, as my favorite podcasters put it, "No need to 'yuck' someone else's 'yum.'"

All of that said, I've been coming around a bit on the subject. Replacing the original bulbs with LEDs, for example, is a mod. As is replacing the original dot matrix display (DMD) with a color DMD. I've done both of those things. Recently, I even added speaker LEDs that flash to the beat of the music on my Stern Star Trek Pro.

Addams Family got the LED treatment in 2020, 

and a color DMD in early 2021. A friend pointed out to me that the game looks almost new as a result. And, since then, I've been looking at possibilities for other minor tweaks I could make to spruce up my favorite pinball machine (and the one that's been in my collection longest). 

As I perused the Interwebs looking for Addams Family mods, I frankly didn't find many that I liked. That is, until I came across a bunch of mods in an Etsy store called PPMODS. Peter (who resides in the Netherlands) has a whole collection of nice mods that do exactly what (in my opinion) mods should do: cover up unsightly bits of the game with interesting things that fit the theme but don't call a huge amount of attention to themselves.

As you scroll through the pics above, you'll see what I mean. Peter's mods cover the exposed switches and light boards that were simply part of the design of the game with cool "GREED"-themed book covers and a THING cart (the one he pulls in the match sequence at the end of the game). And Peter made an actual bookcase for the bookcase target (which is just a sign in the original game).


These are wonderful, high-quality, hand-painted 3D-printed mods--and they can be installed for the most part without any tools. (You do need a screwdriver to install the bookcase.) 

If you're looking to add a little bling to your Addams, you should totally check these out. They're great!

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