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Current Pinball Lineup

It's pretty obvious that my focus has shifted to pinball these days. Although I'll always love classic video games, there's something about pinball that I find much more engaging. Pinball is going through a renaissance lately, and that means that pinball prices are going up (at least for solid state machines built since the early 80s). I built my virtual pinball machine to help eliminate the desire to buy additional pins...a strategy that has been only moderately successful. My VPin has given me the chance to try a lot of games I never played (or seldom played) in the arcades, and some of them are so good that I want to own the real thing. That means my pinball collection is (slowly) growing. 

Pinballs Past

The best advice I can give you if you're planning to get into this hobby is to play a game extensively before you add it to your collection. It might not be a huge deal if you pick up an old EM for a few hundred bucks...but, when you're spending thousands of dollars on something that takes up this much space, you'd better be sure you're going to enjoy it.

I've been pretty lucky. Most of my pins have been keepers (knock wood). But there are a couple that I've ended up selling to make room for something that's more fun.

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