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Winston-Salem, NC Auction Results (2002-2015)

I debated whether or not to include my auction results when I redesigned the site but, as I was digging through my old content, I realized how interesting it was to see how prices have fluctuated over the years. Can you imagine getting a Creature from the Black Lagoon pinball machine for $1950? Back in 2008, you could have!

For those of you who have never been to a consignment auction, keep in mind that the prices listed here don't include the consignment fee (10%) or state sales tax (6.75% where the auction is held). So, when you are the winning bidder on a $500 game, for example, the price you actually pay is $583.75. Something that you have to keep in mind when bidding... 

Some auctions have more complete results than others. Early on, I only recorded the results for classic video games. i didn't add pinball prices until years later. Also, if the auction wasn't particularly good, I used to leave early. That meant that I missed games that didn't get auctioned until later in the day.

I've grouped the results by year on their own pages to make things easy to navigate...and to allow me to add new results if I ever get up to the auction again. It's been a while.

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