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Winston-Salem, NC Auction Results (2004)

February 7, 2004

The February 7th auction was a big one. The last auction I attended (November 2003) was huge but disorganized--they didn't get to any of the classics until after I left (and I was there until 4 PM). This time, they put a lot of classics along the first row like they normally do. The table below shows the prices for the first row classic items. (I left early again--sorry.) Early on, it was a good day to buy Galaga machines--the first two, both original and in good shape, went for just $550 each! First row highlights include Dragon's Lair, Tron, and Discs of Tron.


In addition to these, there were a bunch of other classics that were in varying states of repair, including BurgerTime (and three at least two bad conversions in BurgerTime cabinets), Robotron (non-working--looked nice from the front, but it was water damaged head to toe as if it had been under a leaky roof), a Mulit-Williams, several Pac-Mans and Ms. Pac-Mans, a Gauntlet, Moon Patrol, a cabaret Battlezone, and too many others to name. Nothing I was too interested in, though, which is why I left. 


Oh...and the infamous Mr. Do! Rag was in attendance.

Video Game Prices

April 24, 2004

The April 24th auction had a decent mix of classics. It must have been Space Invaders day--I saw at least three original Space Invaders uprights and a Deluxe Space Invaders. Lots of Double and Triple Donkey Kongs there as well. Organizationally, this auction was interesting in that they put a few pinballs in the first row--never seen them do that before. There was also a nice looking Timber--a game I've only seen one other time in person. 


The junk and Megatouch pile in the front corner was HUGE this time, so the bidding on the first row didn't start until after 1:00 PM. I was prepared to stay for a while this time, but when I saw how slow things were going, I decided to leave after the first row was done. I therefore missed a bunch of classics--a nice-looking TRON, for example. Maybe next time I'll budget more time...but with the garage full and the research for the book complete, the compulsion just isn't there at the moment.

Video Game Prices

Pinball Prices

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